Will these shoes help my back pain? Who know.

Black Tennis Shoes with white soles sitting on a chair upholstered with a flower pattern.
These are my brand new tennis shoes which were purchased in hopes the extra support will help with back, hip and muscle problems.

I was trying to hold out. In my attempt to be thoughtful about my purchases, and to try and save money, I held off purchasing a proper pair of supportive shoes until I had to. Well the “had to” came and is still hanging on and I decided that my longer term health (which also means long term health expenses) was worth more than the $100 I had to spend getting a pair of sneakers with arch supports. Let’s hope it was the right choice.

Now, if you know a little about me, you know I have quite a few health issues. The monster causing the most destruction recently has been my back pain. I picked up the top of a paper shredder weird and pulled my back out at the tender age of 24 and I haven’t been the same since. That’s right, three years of basically constant pain, I’m guessing it could be considered chronic pain now. Fun.

I’ve been going to a chiropractor ever since, which has helped in terms of keeping me moving. I’ve even had acupuncture done, which surprisingly allowed me to not get any body work done for almost 3 months. That time of piece is over now.

Complete honesty: keeping up with stretching and doing muscle work at home that I should be doing, well that isn’t my strong suit. And I’d gone from a five minute commute to a two hour commute. So it’s not like I didn’t see this coming. Oh I knew it was coming, But like many people, hopes and dreams and prayers are easier then doing the actual work.

After quite a scare a few weeks ago it finally registered that I really needed to put in the effort if I wanted to see positive change.

What was the scare you ask?

Scare part one

Well after an annual physical with my PCP, my left leg went numb.

Scare part two

By the following morning it had switched sides.

Scare part three

My legs feet and hips were going numb at work, while standing and sitting like a normal human.

It was honestly terrify because I had no idea what I had done. Usually there’s a precursor movement that I can mark as the probable cause. But this felt random and worried the hell out of me. I was scared.

It didn’t go numb completely out of nowhere. There was a precursor.

My foot started feeling numb during the appointment (which was new) and I mentioned it at the time to my doctor. No real attention was given to it, probably because I finally got a referral to see a physical therapist. (Hurray!) I don’t think either of us thought it would get worse as quickly as it did.

That evening, laying in bed and reading, I feel my leg slowly become numb. It wasn’t a 10/10 pain, probably more of a 3 or 4 level of pain. But the combination of not know what was happening, what caused it, the pain I had, and the numbness, it was just a lot of sensations. I was panicking, scared, and I messaged my PCP immediately. The doctor ordered an MRI, but as insurance companies do they denied it because I hadn’t gone through every possible step.

Now it’s on my schedule to see an orthopedic doctor, but that is a few weeks out. No more waiting, I wanted to improve my situation now. So I did it, bit the bullet and bought shoes with solid arch supports. My health, both physical and mental is more important than the $99.99 these shoes cost.

Will they have any effect? No idea. I just purchased them today. They are being broken in as I type.

The brand, Vionics, was suggested by my chiropractor. She actually suggested them last year, I’ve just been that apprehensive about spending the money to buy them. In my brain, I had a pair of sneakers already. Yes they were 6 years old with holes in the mesh, but they worked just fine. Except they weren’t fine and if they weren’t causing any issues they definitely weren’t helping.

While money is important, so is your health and given that my dream is to do unit stills photography somewhat regularly once this pandemic is over, I can’t just let my body fall apart on me. So buying these shoes is the first steps to getting some level of control back.

Here’s to hoping they work.

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