Sustainability & Periods

Sustainability & Period Products

So…as a human with a uterus, periods aren’t something I can escape. Well, unless my PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) decides otherwise and I go months without a period. For me, the symptoms are handled with low-progesterone birth control pills.

What’s PCOS? Long story short, PCOS is a hormonal disorder that can cause extremely extended periods or long bouts between period, (both of which I have experienced) along with a host of other more external symptoms. One of which is beard growth, which ironically for me, is something in my head I’d enjoy. But that’s a whole other post entirely.

Anyway, back to periods and sustainability. Much of my life I used Always pads. They worked best and were comfortable, even when playing sports. But Unilever, their parent company, is not one I want to support anymore so I had to start looking for products that align more with my values. As I moved to be more sustainable in my mid 20’s, I’ve found a few other ways to feel better about how I handled my period. Currently, I use to systems for my periods: more sustainable (still disposable) pads from Cora and period underwear.

I mainly rely on the period underwear, mine are from Thinx. It’s just easier and usually more reliable for my schedule. The few boxes of the pads I bought before purchasing from Thinx have been relegated to the back of my cupboard for emergencies and so have thrown into bags and for guest.

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