First Day Using An Ergonomic Keyboard – Logi Ergo K860

Close up of the Logi Ergo K860. Excuse the hair, I have a cat and no matter how much I clean there is hair everywhere. I literally wiped the desk down just before this shot.

I’m a bit behind on the jumping on the working from home train, but I finally made it. A lot has changed, including my computer set up.

In the span of a few months, I went from working in a newsroom 5 days a week, to working from home most days of the week part-time for a new company and part-time working to build up my freelancing photography and new media business. I needed the change mentally (we may get into that in a later post), but I did go from having a convertible sit-stand desk, a monitor, and a separate keyboard to not.

Won’t lie, I didn’t realize how nice that those were.

Since I left my job in June I’ve been looking at getting various pieces of equipment to make working from home more comfortable. Just like everything else health related, creating a healthy work from home setup is a gradual process.

Adding to my current setup

In the past month, I’ve made getting a monitor and an keyboard a priority so I’m not working off a laptop at a weird angle for hours at a time. Can you say neck and wrist pain?

Along with a used 27″ Asus ProArt monitor (buy used wherever you can), an ergonomic keyboard landed in my mailbox yesterday. And by landed I mean I bought it. And by bought it I mean I used gift cards from friends and family because otherwise I probable wasn’t going to be able to afford it.

It’s not used, but given how much creative writing and copywriting that is in my future it seemed like a necessity.

What I purchased was the Logi Ergo K860. Yeah, the fancy split wireless keyboard. It’s the first ergonomic keyboard I’ve ever owned or used. And I wanted to share some weird things I noticed while just getting started to use it.

My current desk setup is a bit of a hodpodge of things, just how I like it honestly.
Got the desk used from a church mission sale for $35, a corkboard pad from my kitchen that I use as a mousepad, a bamboo mouse that is now stained by the blue hair dye that ended up on my hands, and a used banker’s lamp, and horrendous cable management.

Day One

I did an initial typing test when I first pulled it out of the box. This is what I ended up typing.

I'm currently typing this on an ergonomic keyboard with a slight pain in my wrist. Though I had a slight pain in my wrist before. I will say this is slightly strange simply due to the fact that you do not realize how often you use other fingers to select numbers or letters on a keyboard. The letter "b" is being particularly troublesome for me. I just missed it because I used my right pointer finger to try and select it. Honestly, never realized that I was doing that. Very interesting. Yes this takes a little bit, but it isn't horrible. Also realizing that I do not use my left thumb to hit the space bar. I almost exclusively use my right thumb, not my left. Weird.

Also, as someone who relies on the delete button a lot, I want to note that the delete button placement feels weird.

Anyway, so far on day one, an ergonomic keyboard isn’t that bad. Though about an hour into using it and the hand pain in persisting. Ironically, I think my typos (not related to the letter “b” of course) have gone down. Although, that is probably because I’m thinking much more about typing than normal.

Oh and that’s an old laptop that needs to be upgraded but I haven’t had a change yet. The actual laptop running this setup is in the desk drawer at the moment.

As for my actual posture, that’s will take a lot longer to fix. I’ve always had horrible posture sitting at computer, though with the keyboard I tend to sit a little straighter when I do catch myself chilling at weird angles. Honestly, I probably need to get a better chair, but that purchase is much farther down the line. For now, I’m making due with the one given to me by my neighbor. It’s better than the folding chair from Target I had before, trust me.

What about you? Have you used an ergonomic keyboard? What are the weird idiosyncrasies you noticed about your own typing when you switched.

*I will probably update this article over time.

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